NOC Discusses with Haliburton Well Development and Digital Transformation

Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) discussed with U.S. oil services company Halliburton ways to develop wells and a digital transformation project for the oil sector.
The discussions took place yesterday at the NOC’s Tripoli headquarters between NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla and the Vice President of Halliburton for the Middle East and North Africa, Sid White, the Regional Manager of the company, Colby Fuser, and the General Manager of the company’s branch in Libya, Muhammad Al-Tilisi.
The NOC reported that the meeting discussed several common topics, most notably, ways to support and strengthen partnership mechanisms between the two sides to raise the level of production operations in Libya and increase rates through drilling and well maintenance operations.
The meeting also dealt with the draft digital transformation programme and digital technology, which will have a positive impact on improving production processes and their quality.
The NOC also reported that Sanalla indicated during the meeting that the NOC is going through a very difficult time due to severe budgetary scarcity, which has negatively affected many of its operations and the fulfilment of its contractual obligations.

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