Nuclear Deal Opponents Helpless, Ignorant

Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov termed the opponents of the 2015 nuclear deal, also known as Iran deal, ignorant and helpless.

The opponents of the #IranDeal are helpless and even ignorant, Ulyanov tweeted on Saturday.

In the beginning of a dispute they provide 2-3 counterarguments and slogans. As soon as these arguments and slogans are exhausted, they move on to insulting opponents without proper justification. Not surprising! he added.

Earlier this week, Ulyanov had reacted sarcastically to the US allegations of Moscow’s support for the nuclear deal and prevention from the extension of Iran’s arms embargo, saying, Do you know why Russia supports #JCPOA? Because from October RF will be able to earn some money from supplies of weapons to #Iran.

It’s not a joke. This is an assessment of hawks. We can only sympathize with Washington whose experts deliver such judgments to US administration, he added.

This is while the US has been trying to persuade the UN not to let Iran purchase conventional arms after sanctions expire in October.

Washington has called on the UN Security Council to extend Iran’s arms embargo under the pretext of preventing a new arms race in the Middle East.

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