One in Three New Cars Sold Globally to Be Electric by the End of the Decade

Third of the global car sales will be electric by 2030.

That’s the suggestion from the latest Deloitte report, which estimates around 31.1 million electric vehicles (EVs) will hit the streets globally by the end of the decade.

The research notes total EV sales will reach 2.5 million worldwide in 2020 despite Covid-19 disruption.

Based on an annual growth rate of 29%, the report forecasts EVs will be 11.2 million in 2025 and 31.1 million by 2030 – at this milestone, fully electric vehicles will account for 81% of all new EVs sold.

Deloitte’s analysis has also found 50% of UK consumers would consider an EV as their next vehicle purchase.

However, 33% of the public admit the lack of charging infrastructure remains the greatest concern when considering the switch to EV.

Jamie Hamilton, Head of Electric Vehicles at Deloitte, commented: Continued investment in charging facilities and overcoming consumer concerns around their availability and accessibility could see the UK surpass the 32% global EV market share by 2030, reaching as much as 65% of the domestic market in the same period.

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