Portugal Goes 52 Days without Coal-Based Electricity

Last week Portugal recorded its 52nd consecutive day without coal-based electricity generation.

A recent report by Europe Beyond Coal notes the nation shut down two major coal plants in the country in response to reduced power demand and stalled economic activity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Europe Beyond Coal highlights a government push towards green energy led Portugal to record a 14.5% hike in renewable electricity generation in 2019.

Kathrin Gutmann, Europe Beyond Coal Campaign Director, said: While the reasons for the current decline in pollution are unwanted and tragic, people across Europe are seeing the benefits of cleaner air and water that come with reductions in fossil fuel burning. We can – and must – make better decisions about energy sources, and Portugal is demonstrating that renewables can replace coal.

Our leaders are increasingly getting behind a Green New Deal for Europe. The job ahead of us is to build a thriving, resilient economy that builds on a renewables-based power sector and that can work for everyone.

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