Promoting Non-Oil Export, Sole Way to Domestic Production

Iranian President Es’hagh Jahangiri said that promotion of export of non-oil commodities in the country is the sole way of booming domestic production.

He made the remarks on Mon. in a meeting of reviewing strategies for more activating economic ties with the neighboring countries and supporting exporters.

Turning to the export of non-oil commodities in the country, he said, exporting non-oil goods has always been of great importance to the country.

If we are seeking a surge in production, we have to focus on exporting non-oil goods, Jahangiri emphasized.

To boom domestic production, the country should eye international markets for the supply of domestic products, he said, adding, the domestic market is a limited market and supplying domestic products at the international markets is one of the requirements for materializing objectives of surge in production.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jahangiri pointed to the report of the Central Bank of Iran on needing $35 billion worth of foreign exchange resources for importing basic goods and raw materials into the current year [started March 21, 2020], and added, with the unprecedented reduction of oil price in the global level, the country should concentrate on exporting non-oil commodities.

He went on to say that 15 neighboring states and countries such as China and India as well as Eurasian economic Union’s member states should be taken into consideration as Iran’s most important target markets.

He called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and concerned organizations to strengthen economic diplomacy and focus on export markets with the aim of promoting export of non-oil commodities to these countries.

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