Russia Plans to Continue Uninterrupted Gas Supplies to World Markets

Russia intends to continue uninterrupted supplies of gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), to world markets, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in the greetings to the participants and guests of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries, published on the Kremlin website on Tuesday.
The Russian leader noted that expanding the use of natural gas as one of the most environmentally friendly types of fuel is becoming very popular during the period of upgrading the energy market.
“Russia, for its part, intends to continue uninterrupted supplies of this raw material, including LNG, to world markets, to improve the relevant infrastructure, and to increase investment in the gas sector,” Putin said.
Putin stated that Russia places a high value on strengthening partnerships within the framework of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries, coordinating efforts to promote the interests of gas exporters in global energy markets, and developing solutions that can ensure the gas industry’s sustainable, reliable, and efficient operation while meeting climate goals.

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