Saudi Aramco Signs Contracts with French Companies on Eco-Friendly Business

Saudi Arabia’s state oil and gas corporation Saudi Aramco said that it signed five agreements with leading French companies including a deal on hydrogen-powered vehicles with Gaussin, during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the kingdom.
The agreements were concluded in the city of Jeddah during the workshops that were organized by the investment ministry to study investment opportunities of the French companies.
“The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (“Aramco” or “the Company”) today announced the signing of five agreements with leading French companies, including an agreement to explore a hydrogen-powered vehicle business with Gaussin, a pioneer in clean and intelligent transport solutions,” the press statement of the company said.
Aramco President and CEO Amin Nasser said that the relations between the company and the French business community have always been stable and spanned a wide range of industries, and hold many opportunities to cooperate in the sustainable development field, according to the official web-site of the company.

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