SimpliPhi Power Builds Clean Energy Microgrid for Covid-19 Hospital in Migrant Camp

Batteries combined with photovoltaics are providing power for a Covid-19 pop-up clinic at the Matamoros Migrant Camp of 3,000 asylum seekers in Mexico near the Texas border.

SimpliPhi Power has partnered with non-profit organisation Footprint Project to supply a clean energy microgrid to power the camp’s first mobile medical intensive care unit (ICU).

SimpliPhi’s 3.8kWh batteries are part of a mobile solar and energy storage trailer that serves as a primary power source for the ICU.

The pop-up ICU provides 20 beds with both diagnostic and treatment medical equipment and a system to deliver temperature control for the two-tent clinic.

The microgrid provides critical power while avoiding producing fumes such as those generated by diesel or gas generators, which would serve to further exacerbate the respiratory condition of patients already struggling to fight off Covid-19 infections.

The clean energy company notes the mobile microgrid also supports significant savings for the management team of the facility, avoiding wasting funding on monthly fuel costs averaging $2,000 (£1618) with a diesel generator.

Catherine Von Burg, SimpliPhi Power CEO, said: Covid-19 knows no border, affecting all nationalities regardless of whether people live in a permanent dwelling or a tent.

Renewable energy microgrids for humanitarian needs like the Matamoros migrant camp can play a critical role during this global pandemic, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted access to clean power, allowing medical teams to focus on treatment and medicine, not purchasing fuel over medical supplies.

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