South Pars Gas Refineries Up and Running despite COVID-19 Outbreak

All the refineries processing South Pars gas output are operating normally and there is no drop in their output despite the coronavirus outbreak, an official with the South Pars Gas Complex said.

Ali Ahmadi, the complex’s caretaker of coordination and production control, said: With the operation of South Pars Gas Complex refineries, in order to achieve sustainable and maximum production in the special conditions of the coronavirus outbreak, appropriate measures at the level of refinery operation management have been done.

He added: According to the health instructions of the Ministry of Petroleum, the necessary equipment have been procured for the presence of colleagues, and gas production is constantly being monitored to achieve maximum production and sustainability.

The official also underlined the importance of gas condensate production and continuous delivery of the item to consumers, adding: The production situation of this product is always monitored and sent to the relevant bases.

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