Spain Boosts Wind Capacity by 1.7GW in 2020

Spain has increased its wind capacity by 1.7GW in 2020, bringing its total to 27,4GW.

A new report by the wind energy association AEE suggests wind power produced 21.9% of the country’s electricity consumed last year.

In relation to the contribution of renewables to the energy mix, wind energy has contributed 49.7% of the total, being the first renewable technology, followed by hydro with 27.7% and solar photovoltaic with 13.8%.

Figures also suggest Spain ranks fourth in the ranking of countries with the highest wind power installed in Europe in 2020.

Juan Virgilio Márquez, Chief Executive Officer of the Wind Energy Business Association, said: The challenge in this new decade is to achieve the installation of 2.2GW per year on average, in a sustained manner over time, in order to reach the 50.3GW included in the national plan PNIEC.

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