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Russia can Reach LNG Target

Russia still can reach its ambitious LNG expansion target despite the shift of focus to domestic technology, Novatek CEO Leonid Mikhelson said Friday. The importance of LNG expansion intensifies with Russian piped gas exports to the EU facing a sharp reduction in the long term, Mikhelson told a briefing on …

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China Lands Record-High Saudi Crude Imports

China landed record-high volumes of Saudi crude in April as the world’s biggest oil importer increased its dependence on the Middle East, even though its overall crude imports have plunged this year. The spike in Saudi imports was probably attributable in part to official Saudi selling prices that were well …

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Asian Nations Try to Relieve Energy Price Pain

Asian governments are taking measures to soften the impact of escalating oil and LNG prices on their economies and help consumers with subsidies and tax cuts. However, such measures probably won’t be sufficient to offset the sharp increase in energy prices, which is adding to inflationary pressures. Brent crude oil …

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