Turkey Raises Cost of Electricity and Natural Gas in 2022

Turkey raised the price of both electricity and natural gas on Saturday, New Year’s Day, Bloomberg reported.
The price increase comes amidst a surge in global energy prices. For electricity, prices have increased between 52% and 130% for households, according to an estimate from Haberturk newspaper.
In a statement issued late Friday, Turkey’s energy markets regulator explained new rates that are being introduced under the gradual fare system.
Under this new system, houses will pay 1.37 liras ($0.09) per kilowatt hour for electricity up to 150 kilowatt hour usage per month and 2.06 liras ($0.14) per kilowatt consumption that exceeds that limit as of Saturday.
Turkey’s state gas company, Botas, also announced the increase in gas prices on a statement published on its website late Friday.
Starting on Saturday, the cost of natural gas is being increased by 25% for households, 15% for power plants and 50% for factories.

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