Turkey to Produce up to 40 Million Cubic Meters of Gas in Black Sea Daily

Turkey intends to produce up to 40 million cubic meters of gas per day from fields in the Black Sea, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
“We hope to use the Black Sea gas from January 2023. It is planned that at the first stage 10 million cubic meters of gas will be produced per day from 10 wells, at the second stage – 40 million,” Erdogan said on the TRT TV channel.
In early June, Erdogan said that Turkey had discovered a new field in the Black Sea with reserves of more than 135 billion cubic meters of gas.
According to him, thus, the total gas reserves on the Black Sea shelf are about 500 billion cubic meters due to last year’s discovery: in August 2020, Erdogan stated the discovery of the Sakarya gas field in the Black Sea with an approximate volume of reserves of 320 billion cubic meters.

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