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The “Energy Newcomes” information and media group hit the ground running as a private-run entity in April 2009 after obtaining an official license – No. 76058 – from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

The group views its human resources – which bring together prominent academics, veteran journalists, experts in different energy fields, and staff members – as a great asset as it strives to fulfill its mission of “developing civil society, institutionalizing the culture of energy management, underlining environment protection, and promoting renewable energies”.

Policymaking Council  

Seyyed Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh (a former oil minister and chairman of the Policymaking Council of the Energy Newcomes publications)
Hossein Amiri Khamkani, Ph.D. (a former vice-chairman of parliament’s Energy Committee, the editor-in-chief of Energy Today website and editor-in-chief of Water and Electricity Industry Today, a weekly)
Seyyed Emad Hosseini (a former spokesman of parliament’s Energy Committee and editor-in-chief of the Energy Newcomes monthly)
Dariush Karimi, Ph.D. (a former vice president for legal and parliamentary affairs at the Department of the Environment, and editor-in-chief of Green Management and Renewable Energies monthly)
Majid Soofinezhad (Executive Manager of Energy Newcomes publications)
Amin Faghfouri Azar (managing editor of Ayandeh information and media institute and the Energy Newcomes publications)



Distinct, reliable and inspiring in promoting a research-based culture and leading multimedia information dissemination in the energy industry and environment of the Middle East.


The group will always focus on efforts to set the stage for the elevation of thoughts to develop the necessary infrastructure for the promotion of an energy culture, unlock the potential of innovative and creative methods of free, transparent and effective dissemination of information, and employ modern information dissemination tools in the Middle East region to create cultural values and promote effective public awareness.

Senior decision-makers and managers of the public and private sectors as well as civil institutions, academics, researchers, students, businesspeople involved in energy- and environment-related issues and other Middle East-based individuals interested in this field will be among our potential audience.

Our human resources employ modern equipment as well as innovative and creative processes as they build – to the best of their ability – on principles of innovation and creativity to play an effective role in positively directing and synergizing intellectual, cultural, political, economic and social developments in the field of energy and the environment. They will also use precise information to meet the needs and expectations of the audience and pave the way for the free production and flow of information, both general and specialized, to raise public awareness and boost the private sector as well as civil institutions in a bid to secure sustainable development in the country.


1. Respect for freedom of speech, promotion and exchange of opposing ideas and plurality of thoughts.

2. Constant monitoring of the needs and tastes of the audience in policymaking and in dissemination of information.

3. Respect for human- and research-related as well as professional and artistic principles and values in all fields and commitment to social responsibility.

4. Neutrality in political rivalries; respect for the cultures of different peoples and ethnicities, and emphasis on efforts to avoid ethnic, religious, sexual, age-related, educational and professional discrimination against members of staff and the audience.

5. Promotion of the social capital and consolidation of the foundations of civil society through emphasis on public trust by facilitating the free flow of information at national, regional and international levels.

6. Endeavors toward raising public trust in productivity in areas such as production, distribution and consumption of energy.

7. Effective, thorough enlightenment on do’s and don’ts of sustainable development and promotion of public belief and national determination to protect the environment and raise the share of renewable energies in the national energy basket.


1. Promotion of human capital and knowledge and creation of a knowledge-based entity.

2. Creation of an effective social network bringing together experts as well as individuals interested in energy and the environment from within and beyond national borders.

3. Consolidation of public belief when it comes to the “culture of energy management”, “protection of the environment” and “promotion of renewable energies” .

4. Creation of national motivation and convergence of public beliefs to promote productivity and reform energy production, distribution and consumption patterns .

5. Creation of social hope and national self-belief in line with the development of infrastructure and promotion of the consumption of renewable energies.

6. Establishment of a thorough, influential and effective media line-up at national, regional and international levels to promote the efficacy of information dissemination through advanced multimedia.

7. Compatibility with fast-developing conditions and unpredictable needs in the field of energy and environment at national, regional and international levels through a flexible organizational structure.

8. Active and effective contribution to formulation of national schemes when it comes to production, distribution and consumption of energy with an emphasis on giving renewable energies a bigger share.

9. Preparation of the groundwork for dissemination of information on research and executive results when it comes to energy and the environment.

10. Preparation of the groundwork for multilateral interaction among researchers, executive officials, managers and policymakers in the field of energy and the environment in a bid to implement applied research.

License holder: Arya Energy Strategy Co.

Managing editor: Amin Faghfouri-Azar

Head Office: Unit 1, No. 22, Nahid Sharghi St., Nelson Mandela Blv., Tehran, Iran

Public Relations Office: +98 21-26230955

Email:  info [at] energyemrooz [dot] ir