Hydropower Growth on Track for Big Slowdown

The growth of hydropower plants worldwide is set to slow significantly this decade, putting at risk the ambitions of countries across the globe to reach net-zero emissions while ensuring reliable energy supplies, said the International Energy Agency (IEA) in a new report. Global hydropower capacity is expected to increase by …

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China Turns on World’s First Giant Hydropower Turbines

Two of the world’s first one-gigawatt turbines started full power generation on Monday at the giant hydropower station in southwestern China. According to state broadcaster CCTV, Baihetan started generating electricity on Monday, after a three-day trial operation. When completed, it will house 16 China-developed generators, providing a total capacity of …

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Friendly Bacteria Treats Wastewater with Less Energy

Bacteria that eat nitrogen and organic matter are part of processes that can be developed for treating wastewater with less energy and emissions. More than half of the energy required for wastewater treatment is used to supply oxygen to the biological reactor. The bacteria need oxygen to function. However, treatment …

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