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How will Artificial Intelligence Fit into the Energy Sector?

Artificial intelligence is the latest buzz—geeky stuff that can improve energy efficiency, productivity, and outcomes. But it is a fledgling concept, making room for errors. And that’s why the smart move is to test a problem and simulate solutions, sharing the best outcomes industrywide. Artificial intelligence — or AI for …

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Aramco Eyes Major Opportunity in Iraq

Following the recent China-brokered resumption of relationship deal between historical enemies Saudi Arabia and Iran, a deal for the Kingdom to develop two key projects in Iran’s close ally Iraq is in the offing. The problem with this idea is that it is dependent on two highly unpredictable elements. The …

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Saudi Surprise Cut Signals OPEC+ Crisis

Following a suspense-filled weekend in Vienna, where OPEC oil ministers attempted to downplay media attention, global oil markets remain uncertain about the direction of oil prices. The recent “surprise” oil production cut announced by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Prince Abdelaziz bin Salman, has failed to restore confidence in the …

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