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The AI Revolution has a Problem: Energy

Artificial intelligence is helping the oil and gas industry boost output by accelerating drilling and boosting efficiency. It offers similar gains to other industries as well and online platforms and websites with AI-powered chatbots are multiplying fast. But there is a problem. AI consumes massive amounts of electricity. A New …

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Researchers Create Ethylene from CO2

Engineers at the University of Cincinnati created a more efficient way of converting carbon dioxide into valuable products while simultaneously addressing climate change. The study paper has been published in the journal Nature Chemical Engineering. In his chemical engineering lab in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science, Associate Professor …

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Japanese Scientists Develop High Energy Density, Cobalt-Free Lithium-Ion Battery

Today’s electric vehicles are predominantly powered by nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) lithium-ion batteries. However, the inclusion of cobalt in this type of batteries has been considered as problematic due to its anticipated scarcity as well as associated supply chain risks related to its single source, human rights and mining practices. Now, a …

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