30.000bd to 60.000bd Production Increase on Agenda

Managing Director of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) Hamid Bovard. said his company plans an increase in oil production in the next year.

He said some 30.000 to 60.000 barrels increase in daily production is on agenda.

He said development activities in certain fields like Salman and Foruzan are progressing as Doroud and Abuzar fields have shown capacity for production increase.

He added that necessary activities to keep production are also in progress and are taken as an integral part of the company`s job.

He highlighted importance of reconstruction of aging facilities for maintenance of production in the company and urged providing necessary credit for the purpose.

Also referring to compilation and sending of a comprehensive package to government for reconstruction and renovation of offshore platforms of the Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)`&gt.IOOC. he said. We are to give priority to more vital projects. gradually reconstructing and renovating facilities. especially the offshore platforms.

He said that earlier in Iranian month of Shahrivar (August 21-September 20) this year and concurrent with the anniversary of establishment of the Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)`&gt.IOOC. Bovard said a comprehensive program for reconstruction and renovation of facilities of the company has been compiled and offered to government and we hope the program will be taken into consideration in the Sixth Five-Year Plan (2016-21).

He went on to say that with an approach of transparency and simplicity and raising organizational productivity. we are to inject a new ideology to the Organization.

He added. In the way to progress. we will benefit from the goals and projects of the company.

The Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) was established on September 20. 1980. with an aim to manage oil and gas fields in Persian Gulf  and today. it is among one of the world`s biggest offshore oil production companies worldwide. It is active on more than 1.2000 kms of Persian Gulf waters. It enjoys about 100 billion barrels of in-situ crude oil reserves and 180 trillion cubic feet of in-situ gas reserves. pioneering production and development of Persian Gulf offshore fields.


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