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German Company Resumes Trading LNG with Russia

A German company that was previously nationalized due to its ties to Russia has resumed trading liquefied natural gas (LNG) with Russia. According to Ukrinform, Bloomberg reported this. “The German government is facing criticism over its energy ties as a taxpayer-backed company re-enters the liquefied natural gas trade with Russia,” …

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Czechia’s Growing Dependence on Russian Oil Raises Concerns

Czechia has dramatically increased its reliance on Russian oil, with imports via the Druzhba pipeline reaching 65% this year, up from 56% in the previous year, Barbora Putzová, the spokesperson for the state-owned firm Mero, told the Czech News Agency. Even with the EU’s significant sanctions on Russia, Czechia recorded …

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Higher Oil Prices could Spark a Fresh Wave of Inflation

Saudi Arabia and Russia moved with determination to support oil prices, extending their respective ongoing production and export cuts through the end of the year. In an initial response to Tuesday’s news, oil prices jumped and hit the highest level so far this year, with Brent Crude prices exceeding the …

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