Amazon, Google, Microsoft and the Climate Cloud

Despite all they’re doing to address climate change with both emissions reduction plans, circular economy innovation and consumer awareness, Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been criticised for their close ties to the oil and gas sector. All of them are using their artificial intelligence prowess and analytics power to help …

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Tesla Plans to Produce Lithium

Lithium producers do not feel threatened by Tesla’s plan to produce lithium in Nevada. Miners, as well as analysts, believe that despite the recent drop in lithium prices, the industry is in for a supply shortage after 2025 as automakers significantly ramp up electric vehicle (EV) production. Massive amounts of …

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Hydrogen, A Low Carbon Energy Source of the Future

It’s official: The big hydrogen techlash is now history. For decades, there was an undeniable and growing animus towards anything hydrogen by the investing universe, with the technology relegated to niche corners of the market, such as material handling and emergency power backup. Hydrogen technology was considered too costly and …

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