Coronavirus Harms the Oil Market more than OPEC Disputes

The coronavirus pandemic is harming the oil market way more than the price dispute between OPEC and its allies OPEC+, RBN Energy chief executive Rusty Braziel told CNBC on Monday. RBN Energy is a Houston-based privately held energy commodities analytics company that plays a role between physical markets and financial …

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Simulation and Economic Evaluation (Green Energy and Technology)

This book presents currently available renewable energy technologies (RETs) and explores their possible integration into the economically viable and green residential microgrids of tomorrow. The emphasis is on the importance of RETs in today’s energy-efficient building designs. and on those RET mathematical models suitable for both performance simulation and economic …

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Microgrids and Methods of Analysis

The increasing penetration of distributed energy resource (DER). distributed generation (DG) and energy storage system (ESS) units in distribution grids leads to the emergence of the concepts of active distribution networks (ADNs). microgrids. and virtual power plants. Nowadays. the use of electronically-coupled distributed energy resources is of great interest that …

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