Fears Of Economic Slowdown Cap Crude Prices

Oil prices have declined by around $30 a barrel since the recent peak in early June before the Fed and other central banks started aggressive interest rate hikes to fight runaway inflation. The tightening monetary policy is expected to slow economic growth, while several financial market indicators suggest that the …

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Energy Independence will not Solve the Global Gas Crunch

The Russian war in Ukraine has sent a devastating domino effect rippling through the global economy that has left nations across the world wirth devastating energy shortages right as the hard-hit northern hemisphere prepares for the cold winter months. While Europe has been trying to wean itself off of Russian …

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Why India is Pushing Ahead with Nuclear Power Plans

India is pushing ahead with plans to boost the country’s nuclear power capacity to meet its growing energy needs and reduce its carbon footprint. This is despite hurdles such as the cost and public opposition owing to safety concerns. The Indian government plans to triple its nuclear power generation capacity …

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