Iran’s Energy Minister Tells IEA to Release its Share of Water from Helmand River

Iranian Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian has warned that if Afghanistan does not ensure Tehran receives its rightful amount of water from Helmand River, Iran will use legal and international means to resolve the problem.
Referring to the recent rainfalls in Afghanistan, Mehrabian stressed that Helmand River water is Iran’s indisputable right, and Iran takes the matter seriously.
“Water right is Iran’s right and it is necessary to release it. Ensuring water rights is not optional, but it is mandatory based on the international treaty of 1351. Pursuing this matter is Iran’s absolute right and we will not fail in this regard. The recent rains should cause the release of our water, and if not, we will take serious action based on international laws,” stressed Mehrabian.
Mehrabian stated that Islamic Emirate officials have always considered the decrease in rainfall and drought as a reason for not releasing Iran’s water. He said the rain should allow Iran’s share to be released.
However, the Islamic Emirate says it is committed to providing Iran with water but due to the drought, there is not enough water in the river to give Iran its share.
After the takeover of the IEA and following repeated calls by Iran, an Iranian technical delegation visited the water measuring station in Dehraud area of Uruzgan a few months ago and reported that the water level was below average.
The Helmand River Water Treaty was signed between Afghanistan and Iran in 1973, according to which Iran has the right to receive 850 million cubic meters of water from Afghanistan annually.

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