Parvin Faghfouri Azar

China’s Coal Country to Boost Output

China’s biggest coal-producing province is set to boost output in June in a bid to prop up the provincial economy after a drop in coal production earlier this year. Production in Shanxi declined substantially in the first quarter, due to closer oversight on safety practices after a series of fatal …

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EU Courts Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for Critical Raw Materials

Ramped-up offshore exploration for rare earth metals and minerals, vital components in sought-after products like hybrid vehicles and smartphone screens, continues to cut into China’s long-held position as the primary global supplier. Countries like Australia, the United States, Myanmar, and even nations like Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan continue to …

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Caspian Power Trio Aims to Electrify the European Union

Economic integration efforts among CentralAsian-Caspian Basin states are gaining momentum. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are developing a green energy plan to link their power grids with an eye towards exporting electricity to the European Union. The energy ministers of the three countries announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding …

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