Output at Iran’s Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant up 60% y/y

Iran’s largest hydroelectric power plant, Karun-3 Dam, has reported a 60% increase in power production in the current water year, which began on September 23, compared to the same period last year.
Seyyed Hamid Salehi, the CEO of the production and operation management company of Karun-3 Dam, announced the boost in energy generation.
Speaking about the critical need for a stable energy supply during the summer, Salehi emphasized the power plant’s optimal performance during the current water year.
“Karun-3 power plant has been able to contribute to the country’s energy production to the maximum extent during this water year, generating over 3,400 gigawatts of electricity. It plays a crucial and effective role in stabilizing the national power grid,” Salehi noted.
“This level of production reflects a 60% increase when compared to the same period during the previous water year and a 50% increase over the average of the past ten years,” he added.
He hoped that the combination of increased rainfall and effective reservoir management would enable Karun-3 to maintain its mission of ensuring a reliable and efficient contribution to the stability of the national energy grid.

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