Iran`s Solar Plants Draw Irish Investment

Irish and Iranian Investors declared their readiness to construct 50 Megawatt solar plant in Hamedan Province. Energy Today reported on Wednesday.
 `After lifting the sanctions. we have launched solar plants installation in Qazvin province`. said the Irish investor Jerad Shanon. `and now. we are eager to implement our plans in Hamedan Province`.
 He said that about $140m is needed to construct a 100 MW solar plant. Roughly %25 of the costs will be paid by us the recent is supplied by Iranian investors.
 Also. the Iranian investor. Hossein Taheri said that since last year. we had partnership with Irish investor.
Deputy of Management Development and Human Resources of Hamedan Province Governor General. Reza Qiassi added that because of sunny weather. there is a huge potential for investors and installation of solar plants in Hamedan Province.
Last year. two 7- megawatt solar plants were launched by Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian in Hamedan.
 The current power generation capacity of the country stands at 74.000 MW with nearly 200 MW being produced via renewable sources. mainly solar and wind. according to official figures.

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