Saudi-Led Bloc ‘Drops Qatar Demands’

A Saudi-led group has dropped its list of draconian demands on Qatar and has instead insisted the major liquefied natural gas producer adhere to a number of broad principles. according to reports.
Diplomats from Saudi Arabia. Egypt. Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates told reports at a United Nations briefing on Tuesday that the countries are no longer insisting that Qatar accepts 13 demands in return for the lifting of restrictions that are hampering its economy.
The Doha administration has previously said it will not give in to the demand placed upon it and has missed deadlines for enforcement of the demands. which included shutting down its Al Jazeera news channel.
Instead. the Saudi-led bloc is now looking for Qatar to accept six broad principles. which include making efforts to combat extremism and terrorism. denying financing and safe havens to terrorist groups. halting incitement to violence and refraining from interfering in the internal affairs of other nations. the BBC reported.
The UK broadcaster reported that Saudi permanent representative to the UN Abdullah al-Mouallimi said the foreign ministers of the four nations had agreed the six principles at a meeting in Cairo on 5 July and that they `should be easy for the Qataris to accept`.
The BBC quoted UAE Minister of State for International Co-operation Reem al-Hashimi as saying: `At this stage. the ball is in Qatar`s court.`

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