US Stubbornly Tries to Trouble Iran Nuclear Deal

Contacts between US officials and the International Atomic Energy Agency are their own business. but if they are after disrupting the nuclear deal. they should remember their efforts are going to bear no fruits. said Foreign Ministry spokesman.
Answering a question on a recent visit to Vienna by the US envoy to the United Nations in order to negotiate with the IAEA officials about the Iran nuclear deal. Qasemi said that. `IAEA`s duties are clearly defined. and the UN nuclear watchdog has already announced that Iran has fulfilled its commitments and there is nothing vague about that.`
Qasemi said. `Regarding the facts that the JCPOA is a multilateral deal and that other counties involved in the deal support it. although the US attempts in the IAEA may turn to be a spanner thrown in the works of the deal. they won`t be that effective.`
Trump administration as well as the IAEA has repeatedly confirmed Iran`s commitment to the JCPOA. but some US media have reported that Trump and his team are trying to show that Iran is not complying with the agreement.

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