Norway. Iran Cooperation on Renewable Energies

Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian in a meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador to Iran Lars Nordrum. disclosed that cooperation between Iran and Norway in the field of renewable energies will expand.

Recalling that Iran-Norway ties date back to 100 years. he added the two countries have great potentials and can cooperate in the fields of water. wastewater and renewable energies. Mehr News Agency reported.

Credit lines between the two countries have not materialized. he said. adding. `Launching credit lines between the two countries can strengthen cooperation in the field of renewable energies. notably solar energy.`

In the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan. 5.000-MW renewable energies will be added to the current production capacity of the country. he contended.

The minister reiterated that 450-MW solar power plant has presently been installed in the country and the construction of other 700-MW solar power plants is underway in the country.

Nordrum expressed satisfaction with the broadening of Iran-Norway cooperation and said. `Once the credit line is launched between the two countries. cooperation and interaction can be continued in various fields such as construction of wind farms and solar power plants.`

Turning to the achievements of Export Credit Bank of Norway. the ambassador added. `Plans have been made to facilitate banking transactions between the two countries.`

Norwegian firms which are working in the field of renewable energies seek to resume operations in Iran`s lucrative market. the ambassador concluded.






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