Kuwait Mulls Increasing Gas Output

About 60% of gas consumption is used for the refining and petrochemical sector. with the reminder used for power generation

The Kuwaiti government plans to raise the production of non-associated gas to almost 500 million standard feet per day by the end of the year. according to Kuwaiti oil minister Bakhit Al-Rashidi.

Approximately 60 percent of Kuwaiti consumption of natural gas is used for the refining and petrochemical sector. with the remaining 40 percent used for the power generation sector. Al-Rashidi said during the opening of the fifth Kuwait Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition.

“The execution of long-term strategy will enable the oil sector to move forward and adapt to the future successfully.“ Kuwait News Agency reported.

“Hence. we can meet our share within the growing energy demand worldwide as a reliable producer and supplier of oil to the world. as well as maintain economic sustainability and prosperity for the state of Kuwait.“ he added.

Additionally. Al-Rashidi said that Kuwait is “fully committed“ to contributing to the security of supplies to the international markets through continuous investment and capacity building.


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