Integration of Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell Scheme for Energy Supply in Remote Areas

The paper presents a hybrid FC PV renewable energy utilization scheme for Village Island electricity generation. The integrated renewable scheme utilized a coordinjated multi regulator error driven coordinated controller to ensure effective energy utilization. common DC and AC bus stabilization. enhanced power quality and near maximum energy utilization under varying operating conditions and load excursions. The integrated DC-AC system is digitally simulated and validated using the Matlab Simulink Simpower Software environment. The sample study system comprises FC. PV array source with all interface. DC-DC converters. DC-AC inverter and modulated power filter compensator for AC bus stabilization. The operation of the multi-loop error driven controller scheme for green renewable energy utilization is fully validated under sudden DC load excursions and solar-radiation variation. A modulated power filter compensator was used as voltage stabilization at the AC common bus. Novel dynamic error driven regulators were utilized to ensure a stable common DC and AC interface buses with minimum voltage. current excursion and near maximum utilization. The concept of multi-regulator decoupled controller is now being extended to other integrated AC-DC Renewable energy systems.

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