Operation of the largest solar power plant in Qom province

Based on SATBA’s public relations and international affairs office. the largest solar power plant in Qom province with a capacity of 10 MW was operated on Saturday 10th November 2018.

This power plant is constructed by Tosee Energy Khorshidi Ghadir Company with private sector investment of nearly 10 million Euros.

 It was launched with the presence of Qom governor. Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy of the Ministry of Energy. Deputy Minister of Energy and head of SATBA. Managing Director of Tehran Regional Electricity Company. Managing Director of Qom Power Distribution Company and some of the provincial directors.

The report adds that the mentioned power plant. generates 21 million and 472 thousand kWh of electricity and will prevent the release of 14.815 tons of pollutants per year. it also saves annual 1.6 million cubic meters of natural gas in the country`s electricity production process.

According to this report. in an area that is heavily water-challenged. the solar power plant is saving water the amount of 4.724 cubic meters in comparison with the fossil fuels power plants per year due to not being dependent on water in the electricity generation process.

According to the report by the Ghadir’s company. this power plant has employed 184 people at the construction stage.

The company’s CEO said at the opening ceremony of the power plant that the company is currently constructing three other 10 MW solar power plants through the guaranteed power purchase agreement (PPA contracts) with SATBA in the country which will be put into operation gradually.

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