Iran Slams Sanctions on Construction Sector as Sign of US Failed Diplomacy

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran denounced the US sanctions imposed on Iran’s construction sector as a sign of Washington’s weakness and failure in the domain of diplomacy.

In a statement on Saturday. Abbas Mousavi reacted to the United States’ sanctions on Iran’s construction sector. saying such moves indicate Washington’s weakness and failure in the domain of diplomacy.

Unfortunately. the US diplomacy apparatus is incapable of presenting diplomatic and rational initiatives. and only relies on force and economic terrorism. he added.

The United States’ imperious diplomacy. which is also used in dealing with other countries and even international and multilateral mechanisms. has turned into a global scourge. the Foreign Ministry’s website quoted him as saying.

Rather than imposing repetitive sanctions and (resorting to) ochlocracy. which will definitely fail to help them achieve their objectives. the US had better stop getting further bogged down in its self-made illusions and begin to make good on its commitments under the JCPOA again. the spokesman added.

The US said on Thursday it had imposed sanctions on the Iranian construction sector and trade in four materials allegedly used in the military or nuclear programs.

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