Renewables Need more Government Support

Around 71% of UK adults believe the government should be doing more to support and develop renewable sources.

That’s according to new research published by Siemens. which suggests despite more of the UK’s power being generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels in 2019. people want to see even bolder policies and faster progress towards a 100% clean energy system.

Nearly a third of those surveyed believe the government should be most responsible for supporting renewable energy usage in the UK. with 27% suggesting it should invest more in renewable technologies such as solar power. wind energy and hydrogen as a replacement for natural gas.

Steve Scrimshaw. Managing Director of Siemens Gas and Power. UK &amp. Ireland. said: As 65% of millennials say they want to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable fuels. it’s clear that there is huge demand from young consumers for cleaner sources of energy.

The government should respond to this by addressing wider options for renewable sources. including hydrogen power at scale. in its plans for a sustainable carbon dioxide-free energy sector.

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