Simultaneous Loading of South Pars Phase 13 Platforms

The operation of loading two platforms belonging to Phase 13 of the South Pars gas field ended at the yard of Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA).

According to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Payam Motamed. operator of Phase 13 of South Pars Development Project. said the progress of the construction of 13A Main Platform and 13C Satellite Platform was over 98%. adding the two platforms each weighing roughly 2.500 tonnes. were loaded simultaneously on a FLB124 barge by using a Push Pull method at the yard of SADRA.

He described the loading of the two platforms as one of the important measures in line with the completion of the second phase of the South Pars Phase 13 offshore section.

According to Motamed. 67.000 meters of cable was used for building each of the two platforms.

The two platforms can recover 28.4 mcm d of sour gas.

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