Do not Politicize Coronavirus

Government Spokesman Ali Rabeie on Monday urged political groups. coalitions and media not to politicize coronavirus issue in the country.

Rabeie informed that Iranian Presdient Hassan Rouhani is to lead the meeting of coronavirus Combat and Prevention committee.

Noting that coronavirus is now a global issue. he asked Iranians to stay united to combat the virus and follow the issued instructions by the ministry of health.

He assured that the government is capable of curbing the virus and has enough facilities in this regard.

The officials also underlined that related statics about the victims and infected ones will be announced precisely. 

In his earlier remarks. the spokesperson said that by the order of the president. the Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarter has been established in the Health Ministry. The government is carefully implementing every necessary measure to address the issue. he added.

According to the latest report of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. 64 people in the country have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Unfortunately. coronavirus has claimed lives of 12 people in the country up to the present time.

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