Iran`s Steel Production Grows 20 Times Faster than World Average

World Steel Association reported on Wednesday that Iran’s steel production has grown up 46.7% which is 20 times more than the world average of 2.1%.

The WSA said that Iran has produced 2.895.000 tons of crude steel in January 2020 that shows a 46.7% growth compared to its previous year’s production in the same month which was 1.971.000 tons.

All the 64 steel-producing counties in the world have produced 154.436.000 tons of crude steel. which shows a 2.1 growth compared to January 2019 output. which was 151.228.000 tons.

China. India. Japan. the US. and Russia are respectively the biggest steel producers in the world.

Iran has produced 20.006.200 tons of crude steel in the first 10 months of the current Iranian year (started on March 20. 2019). which shows a 6.8% growth compared to its preceding period. according to the report of Iran’s Ministry of Industry. Mine and Trade.

According to the Ministry. Iran has produced 17.585.900 tons of steel products in the 10 months. which show a 9.3% growth.


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