Iran’s Mineral Products’ Exports to Neighboring Countries Hit $1.4 Billion

Iran has exported 8.500.000 tons of mineral products worth more than $1.4 billion to Iraq. Turkey and Afghanistan in an 8-month period.

Statistics on Iraq shows 5.713.000 tons minerals worth $798m were exported by Iran to the Arab country which is regarded as 50% of the total amount.

Meanwhile. Turkey absorbed 512.000 tons products worth $393m and Afghanistan imported 2.275.000 tons mineral products worth $291m.

Reviewing the foreign trade performance in the mineral industries reveals that 1.063.000 tons of goods in this sector have been distributed in Iraq. Turkey and Afghanistan and with a monthly value of $ 5 million.

In December. the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) announced that the mining industrial sector made up more than one fifth of country’s total export share in the last local calendar year (March21. 2018- March 20. 2019). 5% higher than the preceding year.

According to IMIDRO. mining sector accounted for 16 percent of total exports share in the local calendar year of 1396 (March21. 2017- March 20. 2018). the rate of which hit 21 percent in the last year (ended March 20. 2019).

More than $9.2 billion worth of mineral products was exported from the country in the last year. the report added.

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