Pakistan Reopens Borders with Iran

Pakistan reopened its border with Iran on Saturday. according to the Pakistani official.

Pakistan`s shared border with Iran. which had been closed due to the coronavirus. reopened on Saturday. said Pakistan Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmed Shah. adding. But pilgrims seeking to enter the country from Iran will be kept in quarantine.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Health informed that none of the pilgrims who have come from Iran to Pakistan have had coronavirus so far.

In recent days. dozens of cases of coronavirus have been reported in Iran. In this regard. some countries. including Turkey. Armenia. Afghanistan. and Turkmenistan closed their borders with Iran and implemented a number of other measures to prevent the disease from appearing in the country.

Among these countries. the office of Afghanistan’s National Security Council announced on Tuesday the reopening of the country’s borders with Iran after a temporary closure.

On Tuesday 25 February. Iranian Commercial attaché in the Republic of Azerbaijan Javad Mohajeri also announced that the Azerbaijan Republic kept its border open with Iran and flights between the two countries has not stopped.

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