Iran. Turkey Targeting for $30bn Annual Trade Volume Exchange

The two countries of Iran and Turkey are targeting for $30 billion worth of bilateral trade volume exchange annually.

The Director General of Ministry of Labor. Cooperatives and Social Welfare for Intl. Affairs Ali Hossein Shahrivar said on Sat. that the issue of attaining $30 billion worth of annual bilateral trade with neighboring Turkey has been targeted. He made the remarks in a meeting held in the presence of directors of cooperatives. companies and holdings in order to expand bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

According to the policy of promoting exports. increasing volume of trade exchanges. promoting marketing level of products in the international markets and active presence of cooperatives. holdings and companies in the arena of international trade. reviewing trade and economic cooperation opportunities with Turkey in the presence of commercial attaché and economic expert of Turkish Embassy to Iran were taken into consideration.

In this meeting. which was held in the presence of CEOs and representatives of holdings. companies and cooperatives. the significance of status of two countries in the region. longstanding history and cultural-historical commonalities between Iran and Turkey were highlighted.

Given the membership of the two countries in Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and D-8. promotion of economic ties between the two countries has been targeted with $30 billion worth of annual trade volume exchange. he stated.

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