South Pars Gas Output Increases by 14mcm d

The last offshore platform of South Pars Gas Field phases 22-24 has become operational. increasing the giant reservoir’s production by 14 million cubic meters per day.

Ali-Asghar Sadeqi. the deputy operator of the phases 22-24. said on Monday the platform 14B. with a capacity to produce 14.2 million cubic meters of gas. has joint the giant field’s production camp.

The 2.500-ton rig has been manufactured by Iranian manufacturers. he added.

When fully operational. phases 22-24 will produce 56 mcm of natural gas. 50 mcm of methane. 2.900 tons of liquefied petroleum gas. 2.750 tons of ethane. 75.000 barrels of gas condensates. and 400 tons of sulfur on a daily basis.

According to officials. by the end of the year. 70 mcm gas per day will be added to South Pars daily production.

Iran will produce over 750 million cubic meters of natural gas from South Pars by March 2021.

South Pars is the world`s largest gas field. shared between Iran and Qatar. covering an area of 3.700 square kilometers of Iran territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. Iran is developing the mega gas project in 24 phases.

More than $72 billion has been spent on the giant energy venture since work started and investments are forecast to rise to $87 billion.

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