Environmental Technology and Engineering Techniques


Moayad N. Khalaf, Michael Olegovich Smirnov, Porteen Kannan, A. K. Haghi

About This Book:

The crucial interdependence between humans and their environment is explored and illuminated in this revealing overview of the major environmental issues facing society in the twenty-first century. Environmental Technology and Engineering Techniques: Basic Concepts and Health Interventions presents a novel picture of some of the current advances in the research of theoretical and practical frameworks of environmental problems and solutions taken from the latest empirical findings.

This new volume focuses on the aspects of new techniques that are particularly valuable for solving environmental problems. The complex environmental issues are presented in simple terms to help readers grasp the basics and solve relevant problems. Timely and comprehensive discussions of applications to real-world environmental concerns are a central focus of this research-oriented volume.

This book is a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners in environmental science and engineering.



Published Year:

October 2020

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