Iran’s Production Capacity of Steel Sections Hits 47mn Tons

As the capacity of steel sections production plants in the country until the current Iranian calendar year was predicted to reach 45 million tons, production capacity of steel sections has currently exceeded 47 million tons at large, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade reported.

Statistics show that 148 steel sections’ production units are active in the country and it is expected that over 46 million tons of new capacity to be added to the current steel production volume by 2025.

About 20,514,080 tons of steel was produced in the country last year [ended March 20, 2020], showing a 4.5 percent growth as compared to the last year’s corresponding period.

Some 19,639,080 tons of steel were produced from March 21, 2018, to March 20, 2019, the ministry added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is considered and 10th largest steelmaker in the world and the country’s steel sections are exported to neighboring countries as well.

The latest statistics of the Ministry of Industry indicate that construction of 19 projects in the field of producing steel sections is underway in the country with a production capacity of 9.5 million tons at large.

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