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EIA: Iraqi Oil Exports to U.S. Soared Last Week

Iraq, OPEC’s second largest exporter, has had its crude oil supplies to the US, the world’s second largest importer, increased, data by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed this weekend. In the span of a week, the volume rose from 100,000 barrels daily to a 248,000 barrels — a jump …

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TotalEnergies to Carry out 4 Large Energy Projects in Iraq

Iraq’s Basra Oil Company (BOC) announced that TotalEnergies entered into a contractual commitment to carry out four large energy projects as part of a deal concluded with the Iraqi government last July. TotalEnergies long-awaited $27 billion energy deal is expected to increase oil production and Iraq’s capacity to produce energy …

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India Urges Iraq for Deeper Oil Discounts

The Indian government has formally called on Iraq to provide further concessions on oil prices, drawing parallels with the low-cost Russian crude that has emerged as India’s primary oil source since May 2022, displacing Iraq from its longstanding position. In a strategic move to diversify their oil imports and curtail …

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