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Russia Tells U.S. not to Lecture Saudi Arabia on Oil

The United States should not tell Saudi Arabia how to manage its crude oil production, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. “Saudi Arabia is a sovereign state, a responsible state, and a very important player in the international energy markets. Of course, this sovereign state is capable of making …

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Saudis Threatened US with Major Economic Fallout in Oil Row

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman threatened the US with “major economic consequences” after President Joe Biden vowed “consequences” for the Kingdom after it slashed oil production last year, Azernews reports, citing Anadolu Agency. The allegation came in a report from the Washington Post newspaper on Thursday based on classified …

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Saudi Surprise Cut Signals OPEC+ Crisis

Following a suspense-filled weekend in Vienna, where OPEC oil ministers attempted to downplay media attention, global oil markets remain uncertain about the direction of oil prices. The recent “surprise” oil production cut announced by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Prince Abdelaziz bin Salman, has failed to restore confidence in the …

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