US Sanctions Against Maduro a `Blunt Attempt to Topple an Unpleasant Leader`

The US sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is an attempt to oust the `unpleasant` for Washington leader. who opposes granting access to Venezuelan oil resources. Vladimir Dzhabarov. the first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council`s Foreign Affairs Committee. told Sputnik.
On Monday. the US Treasury Department announced punitive measures against Maduro for alleged `undermining democracy.` which included freezing of his assets in the United States.
`It is a blatant attempt to topple an unpleasant leader who does not admit the United States to Venezuelan oil resources and does not want to cooperate under the imposed conditions.` Dzhabarov said.
The lawmaker noted that anti-Venezuela sanctions demonstrate `double. if not triple standards` of Washington and labeled it an interference with the Venezuelan domestic affairs.
On Sunday. Venezuela held an election to select members of the Constituent Assembly which will be involved in rewriting the country’s constitution.
The United States opposed the election. with President Donald Trump warning that Washington would `take strong and swift economic actions` against Caracas if the Venezuelan government proceeded with the Constituent Assembly vote.

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