Rosneft Delivered 129.000 Tons of Liquefied Natural Gas to Egypt

Egypt has received 129.000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russia’s Rosneft during the 1st half of 2017. according to the company’s announcement on August 4. 2017.
 The LNG cargos were delivered per the agreement signed by the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding (EGAS) and Rosneft in March 2017.
In 2016. Rosneft delivered 3 LNG cargoes to the processing facilities of EGAS.
 TASS quoted saying Rosneft will deliver a total of 10 liquefied natural gas shipments to Egypt that total 600.000 tons between May and October 2017.
 In fact. Egypt produced enough LNG to cover its needs and also exported LNG to Israel and Jordan before revolution 2011.
However. after the revolution. LNG exports fell by nearly 75%. as reported by US Energy Information Administration.
 Rosneft is one of the international firms involved in the exploration and exploitation of Egypt’s Zohr gas field.
The firm purchased a 30% stake in the field from Eniin December 2016.

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