Iran and Syria Will Sign Contracts on Importing Electricity Plants to Syria

Electricity Minister Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli stressed that during his visit to Tehran a number of contracts will be signed and deliberations will be held to import electricity plants to Syria to increase the stability of the electric system in the country.
Upon arrival in Tehran. Kharboutli said in a statement to SANA “We are in Tehran to sign a contract with the Iranian company of Mabna to import five electricity generation stations with a capacity of about 125 MW and with a cost estimated at EU 130 million.“
The Minister added that these stations will be installed at Aleppo thermal power plant to become another source of electricity. indicating that Ministry of Electricity seeks to enhance the electric reliability in Aleppo City which suffered from terrorism and the lack of electricity for three years.
“During the visit we will also discuss ways of the installation of a new power plant in Lattakia province with a total capacity of 540 MW and with a cost estimated at EU 400 million to increase the electric reliability in the province.“ Kharboutli said.
He indicated that the two sides will also discuss the possibility of installing five power generation stations with a capacity of 125 MW at Banias power plant. He said that cooperation between Syria and Iran in the domain of the projects of the renewable solar and wind energy will be also discussed during the meetings with the Iranian Energy Ministry and the Iranian companies during the visit.
For his part. Director General of Export Development and Technical and Engineering Services at the Iranian Energy Ministry expressed his country’s readiness to support Syria and to enhance its steadfastness in different domains. particularly in the sector of electricity and its requirements.
He indicated that the Iranian companies will be more active in Syria through carrying out different projects and that cooperation between the two countries will be further strengthened

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