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The Problem with Oil and Gas Price Caps

This week saw two documents published by two government departments: the European Commission in Brussels and the Department of Treasury in Washington. The Commission’s document was a proposal for “a new instrument” aimed at limiting excessive gas prices in Europe. The Treasury’s document was guidance on the implementation of a …

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EU Delays Talks on Russian Oil Price Cap until Next Week

A meeting of European Union government representatives, scheduled for Friday evening to discuss a Group of Seven (G7) proposal to cap Russian seaborne oil prices, was cancelled, EU diplomats said. “There was not enough of a convergence of views,” one diplomat said. “There won’t be a meeting tonight nor this …

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More Bad News for Oil Demand as China’s Covid Cases Soar

Another spike in Covid infections in China is threatening more downward pressure for oil prices, as Chinese authorities reported a new daily record in new infections on Thursday. According to Reuters, China recorded close to 32,700 new infections on Thursday, of which only around 3,000 were symptomatic but this does …

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