Iran Opens 1st Dimethyl Carbonate Chemical Production Unit

For the first time in Iran. chemical production unit of `Dimethyl Carbonate Ammonium Hydroxide` became operational in the industrial city of Bazneh. Shazand. in Markazi Province west of country on Sunday.

The unit went on stream. concurrent with the 10-Day Dawn celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The private sector invested $1.9 million for construction of the chemical production unit. which has nominal capacity of 14.000 tones.

Located in 33 km west of Arak. center of Markazi Province. the unit has generated 30 direct and 500 indirect job opportunities.

The Dimethyl Carbonate Ammonium Hydroxide is used as a solvent in adhesives and paints industry.

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